MILTON coiffure | since 1944

Salοn de Coiffure Bas. Steriopoulos, Constantinople (1912)

MILTON's is still among the top hair salons in Thessaloniki.




In 1944, Milton Thomaidis son of a hairdresser from Constantinople, created the first MILTON hair salon, in a ground floor shop of Vas. Olgas street.

His professional heritage, his passion for the hair styling art and his ethos were the reasons for which he won –during a difficult post war period – the trust of a great part of the female population in Thessaloniki.

In 1959, the salon moved to the address where today it still is, in an innovative space for its time, offering high quality aesthetic services. Its fame was established and crossed the boundaries of the city.

During his professional activity, Milton watches closely the contemporary hair techniques and fashion trends and apart from the love and trust of his customers he also enjoyd recognition and distinction among his colleagues until his retirement in 1989.

From 1974 until 2006, his daughter Lena, stood at his side learning and continuing the creative tradition of MILTON Coiffure.

In 1976 his son Dimosthenis, after studying at the School of Hairstyling Art "Giasidopoulou" and attending seminars in schools and salons of Athens and Paris, worked closed with his father. From 1980 until today, has undertake the management of MILTON Coiffure.

Since 1999, his grand daughter Margarita after studying at the State School of Hairdressers in Thessaloniki, at the school "Tony and Guy" in London and in schools of Italy and France, has been workimg with her father, bringing with her a new vision, enthusiasm and fresh ideas.

Today, thanks to our principles and our selective choice of partners we keep holding MILTON brand among the first places of Thessaloniki's hair salons.

There is no point in just inheriting something significant; you must be able to preserve it and further develop it.